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Mouthguards significantly reduce the number and extent of sports-related dental injuries. A custom-fitted mouthpiece provides the best protection, and you can get one at Fairfax Corner Dental. Dr. Chang Yi and Dr. Negar Tehrani create one-of-a-kind appliances to make your season memorable for its wins, not its tooth losses. Contact the Fairfax, Virginia clinic online or over the phone to schedule a fitting.

Sports Guard Q & A

What kinds of dental injuries happen during sports?

Sports injuries are one of the most common dental emergencies. Athletes who fall or get struck in the face could suffer cuts or knocked-out teeth.

Contact sports, such as boxing and football, carry the highest risk of dental injury. Some of the most common dental sports injuries include:

  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Loosened or knocked-out tooth
  • Tooth intrusion (jamming into the jawbone)
  • Dislocated jaw

How can I protect my child’s teeth during sports?

The best way for you to protect your child’s teeth is to take them to the dentist for preventive measures. The providers at Fairfax Corner Dental can get your child fitted for a mouthguard and provide tips to protect your child’s teeth.

Your child should also follow the guidelines below to help protect their teeth during sports:

  • Make sure your mouthguard fits properly
  • Always wear a mouthguard, even when it’s not required
  • Replace your mouthguard right away if it gets broken or damaged
  • Wear your other safety gear such as your face mask and helmet to blunt forces
  • Remember to use defensive stances and hand positions to protect your mouth

You may also want to keep a dental first aid kit on the sidelines to help preserve your child’s teeth if they experience any injuries. If your child does damage their teeth during sports, call the professionals at Fairfax Corner Dental right away for the best chance of saving their teeth.

How do mouthguards work?

A mouthguard is a plastic oral appliance that fits inside your mouth and helps cushion the impact to your teeth or face.

Professional sports mouthguards are custom-made to fit over your particular teeth for optimal safety. Your dentist makes a mold of your teeth to create the customized mouthguard for the most comfortable fit inside your mouth.

Who should wear a sports mouthguard?

Adults and children who play sports, especially contact sports, should consider a mouthguard. If you or your child wears braces, it’s especially important to protect your orthodontic appliance with a mouthguard.

The experienced dentists at Fairfax Corner Dental strongly recommend a mouthguard for the following high-risk contact sports:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Martial arts
  • Hockey
  • Boxing

If you or your child skates, does gymnastics, or plays baseball or soccer, you may also want to protect teeth with a custom-fitted mouthguard. You can check your organization’s rulebook to see if mouthguards are mandatory.

If you or your child joins an organized sport, call or click the “book now” button to make an appointment with the dentists at Fairfax Corner Dental for their recommendations.