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Without teeth, you may not be able to eat your favorite foods, speak correctly, or maintain your normal appearance. The full and partial denture options at Fairfax Corner Dental in Fairfax, Virginia restore those everyday functions for you again. Dr. Chang Yi and Dr. Negar Tehrani make sure your dentures look natural, too. If you have missing teeth, book an appointment online or over the phone to learn if dentures are right for you.

Full & Partial Dentures Q & A

What types of dentures are available?

Dentures consist of prosthetic teeth attached to an artificial framework that slips over your gums. The restorative dentists at Fairfax Corner Dental provide three types of dentures to replace missing teeth:

  • Partial Dentures: a removable appliance that replaces a section of missing teeth
  • Full Dentures: a removable appliance that replaces all missing teeth
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Dentures that snap into a series of dental implants

When do you recommend full or partial dentures?

When you lose a segment or all of your teeth, your dentist may recommend full or partial dentures. The dentists at Fairfax Corner Dental do everything they can to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes your teeth can’t be saved.

Neglect, poor oral hygiene, and other health factors may lead to tooth loss. Men and women who choose dentures have usually lost teeth to:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Health conditions
  • Traumatic injury
  • Receding gums and bone loss from aging
  • Poor habits, such as smoking

If you still have enough jawbone material to support dental implants, you may be a good candidate for implant-supported dentures. Your dentures snap right into the implants, so they stay in place.

How do I get fitted for dentures?

Your dentist at Fairfax Corner Dental starts by performing an oral exam, learning about your health history, and taking X-rays to examine your jaw structure. Then, he or she takes impressions of your gum line to send to the lab.

Your dentist supplies you with a set of temporary dentures you can wear until your conventional dentures are ready. When the lab sends back your completed dentures, your dentist schedules a denture fitting.

Your dentist then makes sure that your new dentures fit correctly, don’t irritate your gums, and create a proper bite. He or she also teaches you how to care for your dentures and what to do if they no longer fit correctly or get damaged.

How do I take care of my dentures?

All removable dentures require special care to help them stay in good shape. Follow these pointers to take care of your dentures:

  • Handle your dentures with care so they don’t bend or break
  • Remove and rinse your dentures after you eat
  • Clean your dentures with denture cleaner daily
  • Run a soft bristle toothbrush over your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth every morning
  • Keep your dentures in water or denture solution when you take them out

To learn more about your denture options, schedule an appointment at the Fairfax, Virginia, office by calling or clicking the “book now” button.